A weddg is a religious or civil ceremony, through which to celebrate the beginning of marriage. A weddg is a rite that formalizes the union between a man and a woman before an external authority that regulates the procedure in Miami or Hialeah, which generates commitments after the weddg. It is very important to capture those moments forever with the Best Weddg Photographers Miami Hialeah


A weddg is a ceremony where two people are united in marriage. Weddg traditions and customs vary greatly between cultures, ethnic groups, religions, countries, and social classes. Most weddg ceremonies involve an exchange of marriage vows by the couple, presentation of a gift (offering, ring(s), symbolic item, flowers, money), and a public proclamation of marriage by an authority figure. Best Weddg Photographers Miami Hialeah

Special weddg garments are often worn, and the ceremony is sometimes followed by a weddg reception. Music, poetry, prayers or readings from religious texts or literature are also commonly incorporated into the ceremony.


Some cultures have adopted the traditional Western custom of the white weddg, in which a bride wears a white weddg dress and veil. This tradition was popularized through the marriage of Queen Victoria. Some say Victoria’s choice of a white gown may have simply been a sign of extravagance but may have also been influenced by the values she held which emphasized sexual purity. Best Weddg Photographers Miami Hialeah

 Within the modern ‘white wedding’ tradition, a white dress and veil are unusual choices for a woman’s second or subsequent wedding. The use of a weddg ring has long been part of religious weddgs in Europe and America, but the origin of the tradition is unclear. One possibility is the Roman belief in the Vena amoris, which was believed to be a blood vessel that ran from the fourth finger (ring finger) directly to the heart. Best Weddg Photographers Miami Hialeah

Thus, when a couple wore rings on this finger, their hearts were connected. Historian Vicki Howard points out that the belief in the “ancient” quality of the practice is most likely a modern invention. “Double ring” ceremonies are also a modern practice, a groom’s weddg band not appearing in the United States until the early 20th century. Best Weddg Photographers Miami Hialeah

The weddg ceremony is often followed by weddg reception or a wedding breakfast, in which the rituals may include speeches from the groom, best man, father of the bride and possibly the bride, the newlyweds’ first dance as a couple, and the cutting of an elegant weddg cake. Best Weddg Photographers Miami Hialeah


Most religions recognize a lifelong union with established ceremonies and rituals. Some religions permit polygamous marriages or same-sex marriages. Best Weddg Photographers Miami Hialeah

Many Christian faiths emphasize the raising of children as a priority in a marriage. In Judaism, marriage is so important that remaining unmarried is deemed unnatural. Islam also recommends marriage highly; among other things, it helps in the pursuit of spiritual perfection. Best Weddg Photographers Miami Hialeah

The Bahá’í Faith sees marriage as a foundation of the structure of society and considers it both a physical and spiritual bond that endures into the afterlife. Hinduism sees marriage as a sacred duty that entails both religious and social obligations. By contrast, Buddhism does not encourage or discourage marriage, although it does teach how one might live a happily married life and emphasizes that marital vows are not to be taken lightly. Best Weddg Photographers Miami Hialeah

Different religions have different beliefs as regards the breakup of a marriage. For example, the Roman Catholic Church believes that marriage is a sacrament and a valid marriage between two baptized persons cannot be broken by any other means than death. This means that civil divorcés cannot remarry in a Catholic marriage while their spouse is alive. Best Weddg Photographers Miami Hialeah

 In the area of nullity, religions and the state often apply different rules. A couple, for example, may begin the process to have their marriage annulled by the Catholic Church only after they are no longer married in the eyes of the civil authority. Best Weddg Photographers Miami Hialeah


Wedding ceremony participants also referred to as the wedding party, are the people that participate directly in the wedding ceremony itself.

Depending on the location, religion, and style of the wedding, this group may include only the individual people that are marrying, or it may include one or more brides, grooms (or bridegrooms), persons of honor, bridge persons, best persons, groomsmen, flower girls, pages, and ringbearers.

A woman’s wedding party consists of only those on her side of the wedding party. Those on a groom’s side called his groom’s party.

  • Bride: A woman/women about to married. Best Weddg Photographers Miami Hialeah
  • Bridegroom or Groom: A man/men about to married.
  • Marriage officiant: the person who officiates at the wedding, validating the wedding from a legal and/or religious standpoint. This person may be a judge, justice of the peace, or a member of the clergy. In Hindu marriages, the marriage officiant called a Pandit or Brahmin. Best Weddg Photographers Miami Hialeah
  • Best Man, Woman, or Person: The chief assistant to a bridegroom at a wedding, typically a sibling or friend of special significance in his life. Often holds the wedding rings until their exchange.
  • Mother of the Bride or Groom: The mother of either the bride or groom. Best Weddg Photographers Miami Hialeah


  • Maid, Matron or Man of Honor:

The title and position held by a bride’s chief attendant, typically her closest friend or sibling.

  • Bridesmaids: The female attendants to a bride. Males in this role may be called honor attendants or sometimes bridesmen, but that term has a different traditional meaning.
  • Groomsmen or Ushers: The attendants, usually male, to a bridegroom in a wedding ceremony. Female attendants, such as a sister of the groom, are typically called honor attendants.
  • Page(s): Young attendants may carry the bride’s train. In a formal wedding, the ring bearer is a special page who carries the rings down the aisle. The coin bearer is similar page who marches on the wedding aisle to bring the wedding coins. Best Weddg Photographers Miami Hialeah
  • Flower girl(s): In some traditions, one or more children carry bouquets or drop rose petals in front of the bride in the wedding procession.


From the moment you decide to share your life with your partner, start a lot of preparations for your weddg, preparations like the weddg dress, the groom’s outfit, the weddg rings, the location, the weddg decoration, the guests, but having so many and beautiful details to consider the weddg day, one of the particular and one of the most important things, have the best photographers. Best Weddg Photographers Miami Hialeah

One of the best memories that you can have on your weddg day are the photographs. Having some beautiful snapshots of the best moments next to family and friends is very good. That is why it is important to choose good photographers for the day of your weddg that can portray those magical moments that you are going to live and that are unrepeatable. Best Weddg Photographers Miami Hialeah

They are counted the days in which one lives a special event and above all that has transcendence like the weddings.

So expected by most women. Not only is it a matter of marrying the love of your life, but of taking the palms of family and friends with an extraordinary ceremony and event.

No matter if your next wedding will be for few guests, what really should interest you is that it is to your liking and well organized. But today you can find the famous wedding planner, who are nothing more than wedding planners; These people are in charge of, that through an interview with the couple, the mass and the banquet are what you are looking for according to your economic possibilities.


  • Select the day on which they are to be married, according to the availability of their times.
  • Budget the event, with how much money they have for the wedding.
  • List of guests, it is likely that an altercation appears at this point, they never completely agree with the people who are going to attend.
  • Look for temples and lounges; When they already know how much capital they count, look for the place where it will take place. Ask about the packages that each site has.
  • Music and dress, both take time; there are many options to musicalize your event, all of the different prices, so take a few weeks to inquire. While dress, it must be a tireless pursuit; Do not stay with the first option, know all the models you can. Best Weddg Photographers Miami Hialeah
  • Civil wedding, it is necessary that they go to the registry to ask for all the documentation that they require. Sometimes, the couple was born in another state and it will be essential to go and get a birth certificate; Yes it takes time this point.
  • Pre-marital talks approach the Church where they will get married and ask about the dates in which these talks take place. Best Weddg Photographers Miami Hialeah
  • Invitations, try to make the invitations according to your personality; There are very creative options in the market that will personalize your event.
  • Make-up and hairstyle, you as a bride are looking for a good stylist and image designer to take advantage of your attributes and minimize your defects. And take a test before making the appointment.


Photography and video:

usually forget this point because they believe that the guests will carry a camera, and it can be, but there is nothing like an expert portrays your wedding and the memory through photography is what will last. Best Weddg Photographers Miami Hialeah

  • Honeymoon, even if they do not have in mind where they will go, or for reasons of work they cannot be away for a long time, choose a cozy hotel for your wedding night. Also, there are places near the place where they a going to get married for a break. The cabins are a good and economical choice.

As you will see, there are many points to add to your notebook, and the details such as the groom’s suit, the transport you use to reach the church and the party, confirm the list of guests, buy the lingerie that you will wear for that day, go where they will live to finish the details. In short, a wedding is absorbing and too tired, but if you know how to organize you can see relief from so much pressure.

The photographers are prepared to see and capture moments, gestures, anecdotes in which perhaps others are not able to repair, the photographers will capture moments that can go unnoticed. Photographers are experts at being aware of every detail. The professional photographers will be an expert in creating memories that thrill

 Best Weddg Photographers Miami Hialeah

Furthermore, it is important to have photographers since the photos taken by friends are an extra material as they may not take any photos of special moments. Also, the photographs taken by the professional photographers on the day of your wedding will be for life. Best Weddg Photographers Miami Hialeah

Knowing how to choose the wedding photographer, it is so important because he is going to be in charge of captures the essence of the day. In addition, it is important to take into account some aspects to make the photography’s perfect. Besides, it is important to hire a professional photographer who is dedicated to photographing the best moments in a natural way ¡cero poses! So in that form, you can carry a souvenir of the day of your wedding. Here are different reasons, for why you should hire professional photographers the day of your weddg.


One of the best memories you can have on your weddg day are the photographs. Having some beautiful snapshots of the best moments next to family and friends is fundamental. That is why it is important to choose good photographers for the day of your wedding that can portray those magical moments that you are going to live and that are unrepeatable.

Knowing how to choose the weddg photographers that captures the essence of the day is imperative if you do not want to repent when it is too late. But in addition, it is important to take into account some aspects to make the report perfect.

Every best photographers have them style: some photographers are more traditional and other photographers are more modern and daring. But whether you choose a photographer or another photographer, the entire weddg album should have your essential photographs, captured by the best photographers in such a way that they capture a smile every time you look at them. Some of the details to consider when you choose a photographer is that he capt this. Best Weddg Photographers Miami Hialeah

  1. The images should reflect your love story:

    That’s right, reflecting the best moments and capturing the feelings of one towards the other. You will need the best professional with a great trajectory in wedding reports that takes care of the smallest detail so that the memory of your day is special.

The best photographers strive that his images reflect your love story as real as possible, achieving a perfect result to keep locked. His style, close and personal, always according to your tastes and preferences, make this photographers a perfect choice for your report is perfect.

  1. Simple and natural photographs:

    Today there are great image professionals, which will ensure you a natural weddg report. His youth is not at odds with the great experience in wedding photography, with a contemporary style.

The reports of the photographers, tell personal stories with simple and natural images and at the same time they stand out for their elegance and originality. If you like this type of photos the best photographers will be your best allies.

  1. Capture each special moment

    : If you are looking for high quality photographs, where all the feelings and special moments like the preparation of the bride, the “yes, I want”, the dance, a cross between the bride and groom or the boyfriend’s nerves waiting at the altar.

The best photographers will be a more than right choice. These professionals take care of each and every one of the important elements like the lighting or the atmosphere with the aim of that the report is unique and, at the same time, is impregnated of naturality and good taste.

  1. A romantic touch:

    “I like to feel the photography in a simple and romantic style at the same time”, confesses Carlos Lucca, an excellent photographer who has fixed his study in the Alicante locality of Alcoy but moves throughout the country and even other European cities. Enjoy every detail, smile, and feel of your link and so put it in your weddg report.

  2. Passion for your work:

    The importance of choosing the best photographers in Miami, Hialeah. Well for the day of your weddg will depend on what you want to get. The best photographers will make sure that everything is perfect from the first moment, working the frames and illuminating every corner of your celebration, makes them the perfect choice for that unique day.

The best photographers passion for film and television together with a vocational work in which they print all their love and illusion unites them to direct this production company, where thanks to the best and most advanced technical team as well as their professionalism they manage to create the best photographs and films of marriage.


  • Preparation of the bride. The hours before the great moment are the most special because of those nerves that feel before something wonderful is going to happen. Always being captured by the best photographers.
  • Waiting for the bridegroom at the altar. Few expressions of men more of restlessness than that of the groom waiting for the love of his life to unite forever to her.
  • The speeches. When your parents, godparents or your best friends, the photography must be immortal.
  • Pre weddg and post weddg moments. So that the report of weddg is complete, added to report in another place, in the nature, with industrial air or in a city with the summery touch of the beach.

All the details must  immortalized by the photographers who hires for your weddg, since every moment, should recorded by the photographers.

Having a professional weddg photographers is important, since the photographer’s only concern is to fill expectations about the valuable memories of the weddg day; A kind of paparazzi that has all the time about you and your companions, but that a difference of the uncomfortable photographs of the famous ones, seeks to capture beautiful moments.


So having your weddg is not as easy as it seems, there are many details to take care of, details like the weddgg dress, the groom’s outfit, the weddg guests, the place where you will be holding the weddg, the weddg, and a very important detail that is the photographers, who will take care and capture in a photograph, this special day, as is your weddg.

The importance of hiring good photographers is that in addition to being a trained professional it is important that inspires your confidence and someone that you can feel safe. And remember that you will spend a day or more in front of his lens. But that is why it is essential to be clear about what you want, let yourself advise and come together to agree on what style you want to handle the pictures of your weddg.

The photographers will be in charge of taking the best photographs of your weddg, also in different locations, will also take the photographs capturing that first kiss of your weddg, when you share your vows at your weddg ceremony, the photograph of your first weddg dance, the moments of your reception, the photographs with your family, with your friends, with all your people that are with you on the day of the weddg . And all of this is of utmost importance since they are moments that will be stored in a weddg photography forever.


There are several beautiful and gorgeous places in the world to marry or take photographs, and the most important ones are the photographs of your weddg, one of these fantastic places to take photographs is Miami – Florida.

Miami has been blessed with some of the most wonderful and beautiful places to hold a weddg on the beach or a place to take weddg photographs. In addition, Miami has such beautiful beaches to photograph, whether common photographs or your weddg, Miami beaches also have innumerable attractions and activities to offer and also to take photographs.

Here is a list of some of the most famous beaches in Miami, which you could consider to have a photoshoot taking by the best photographers, or the weddg with the love of your life.

Why not?

  • Surfside Beach (Miami)
  • Bill Baggs Cape Florida State Park (Miami)
  • Miami Beach
  • South Point Park (Miami)
  • Hollywood Beach (Miami)

If being on the beach is not your thing, and you prefer that your weddg photographs are in a more intimate place, Miami can also offer you different places, so you can take the best pictures.

  • The Biltmore Hotel (Miami)
  • The Ritz-Carlton Key Biscayne (Miami)
  • Hilton Bentley Miami / South Beach
  • Miami Marriott Biscayne Bay
  • Trump National Doral Miami

At the same time another state of Florida, where you could make your weddg, maybe not as well-known as Miami, would be Hialeah. Hialeah is located in the United States, Miami-Dade County. Hialeah is part of the South Florida metropolitan area.

Also, the name of Hialeah comes from the word calusa meaning “beautiful valley” which refers to how beautiful Hialeah is. Hialeah sits in a valley between Biscayne Bay. Hialeah is the City of Progress.

In fact, Hialeah is rich in history.

And Hialeah was the place to be in the twenties.

Hialeah is not only home to Telemundo a, Hialeah also has other great things,

Has also experienced a cultural renaissance that has brought life to the community.

Although the new one definitely attracts a younger audience,

There are also things and places that capture the true essence of Hialeah.

Hialeah also gives us the opportunity to have beautiful weddg photographs, in Hialeah, there are extremely beautiful places to hold our weddg. Here is a list just to mention a few.

  • Tony’s Reception Palace (Hialeah)
  • Elegant Ballroom (Hialeah)
  • Seduction Banquet Hall (Hialeah)
  • Paradise Banquet Hall (Hialeah)
  • Hialeah Park Racing & Casino

Gonza Production

Gonza Production has as a characteristic that it generates an image, one that serves as a memory of that moment

That may or may not repeat itself again, because of this a lot of people love to take photos.

This image seen and understood through the eyes of the person who takes the photograph, the photographer

Which can make the image turn unrepeatable since no one may have the same look again.

It is necessary to know that the photographer in Gonza Production is the person who gives value to photography

At the same time the photographer selects the subject of the photography

Also the phototographer controls the light, angle, sharpness, environment, creativity and inventiveness and other stuffs.

The photographer does the permanent search for unique, beautiful images, the photographer serves as an aid to artistic works, although their function is technical.

The quality of the photo always depends on the photographer, the photographer is part of the preparation.

The photographer can always be in the most special and important moments and also the best places, if you are in Miami or in Hialeah, the photographer should always beable to capture those moments of everyday life.

A photographer of Miami or Hialeah is decisive when documenting these special moments- “Among the many ways to combat nothing, one of the best is to take photographs always depending of have a good photographer and also the best places, like Miami or Hialeah.”

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