Engagement photography Miami Hialeah.

The precursor to the actual event, engagement photography is what helps show the couple’s spark with each other and creates widespread awareness of their upcoming wedding. Engagement photography Miami Hialeah As the photographer, it is important for you to do your research so that the couple’s engagement pictures will be creative, interesting, entertaining, love-struck, and most of all, satisfying for the couple themselves. Engagement photography Miami Hialeah

  1. PREVIEW THE COUPLE Engagement photography Miami Hialeah

No, I don’t mean to actually screen the couple before you decide to work with them. (Although in some cases, this might actually be a smart idea.) Get to know who these people are in advance. Meet with them for coffee, for lunch, or just chat a while on the phone. The best way for you to get the engagement photos that this couple wants is to figure out what it is that they actually want. Get a feel for their personality and their chemistry together. Engagement photography Miami Hialeah

  1. KEEP THEM CONNECTED Engagement photography Miami Hialeah

This engagement picture tip basically speaks for itself. Keep the couple connected with each other. Sure, they are going to be somewhat nervous (especially if they are not super comfortable with you just yet), but do your best to keep them into one another. This leads me to my next pointer. Engagement photography Miami Hialeah

  1. PDA IS OKAY (AND NECESSARY!) Engagement photography Miami Hialeah

Because an engagement photo session is completely different from a normal headshot, model, or family photo shoot, you have to remember that the overall theme for these pictures is love. Make the couple comfortable and aware that they should kiss, hug, hold hands, be playful, be silly, and be touchy-feely mushy gushy all they want! It makes the pictures more personal and personable!

  1. AS ALWAYS…”BURST MODE!” Engagement photography Miami Hialeah

This seems to be a recurring theme in my articles. Definitely make a point to use burst mode while doing engagement photography. The couple will be nervous, so after they do their initial and stiff pose for the camera (thinking they look natural!), they will loosen up, smile, laugh, look at each other. Those are the moments you want to catch more than anything. Engagement photography Miami Hialeah

  1. LOCATION IS CRUCIAL Engagement photography Miami Hialeah

If you have been doing photography, especially engagement photography, for a while, you may know of some great places around your town to take engagement pictures. Prepare yourself with a list of locations and interesting places beforehand that you can suggest to the couple. Engagement photography Miami HialeahThey most likely will be open and willing to consider anything you have to say! Also, couples frequently travel to other towns for their engagement pictures, so make sure  Engagement photography Miami Hialeah you have tracked down some hot spots that will be aesthetically pleasing.

  1. DO YOUR RESEARCH! Engagement photography Miami Hialeah

The only way for you to actually be as knowledgeable and prepared as you want to be (and want the couple to think you are) is to do your research. As with the previous engagement photo tip, research locations for engagement pictures. Look up creative engagement picture poses that you could suggest to the couple during the shoot. Learn what clothing options will be wise to suggest for them to wear. Engagement photography Miami Hialeah

  1. CLOTHING OPTIONAL (WELL, NOT QUITE) Engagement photography Miami Hialeah

They might be committed to just one person, but make sure this couple has options! Tell them to bring a few changes of clothes so that you can get some different engagement shots in different locations. You want to give them variety and creativity. Also, let them know what colors not to wear. Examples: white, khakis, light colors, etc. Depending on the background, certain colors and prints may not mesh. Engagement photography Miami Hialeah

  1. SUGGEST AN EVENT SHOOT Engagement photography Miami Hialeah

Most couples won’t think of this amazing idea for engagement pictures, so you should suggest it to them! Offer the idea to go along and shoot a date night for the couple. Have them go to the place where they met, their favorite restaurant, or out doing their favorite hobby. Another fabulous engagement photo shoot idea is taking pictures at their engagement party! We just did an engagement shoot like this and the pictures are priceless. Friends, family, and most importantly, the couple, were all included! Engagement photography Miami Hialeah

  1. SHOOT IN RAW (VS. JPEG) Engagement photography Miami Hialeah

This helpful hint is especially important when shooting indoors! Shooting in RAW gives you the liberty of having a wider range of exposure adjustments during the editing process. Some may prefer one format over another, but on our engagement photo shoots, we want to make sure we have the most options possible so we can come out with the best engagement pictures possible. Engagement photography Miami Hialeah

  1. DON’T FOCUS ON THE FACE Engagement photography Miami Hialeah

This hint sounds ludicrous for engagement pictures, right?! Well, of course you should take pictures of the couple’s faces! But on the flip side, try focusing on things other than just those. Have the bride-to-be lift her foot as if they were kissing, and snap a picture of their shoes from the knee down. Make absolute positive you get that engagement ring in some pictures! Catch her whispering something in his ear. Shoot them from the neck down. All of this is interesting and innovative for the eye. Engagement photography Miami Hialeah

  1. BE VOCAL (THEY WON’T!) Engagement photography Miami Hialeah

Finally, one of the most important engagement pictures tips I can give you is to be vocal. Engagement photography Miami Hialeah Have fun with the couple and suggest poses for them to try. Have a general conversation to loosen them up. Tell a few jokes (if you happen to be funny) and create a warm friendly atmosphere. Direct them and they will take direction. Many couples want you to hold their hand along the engagement picture path and lead the way. Take advantage of this power! You have the liberty to come up with something new, creative, and fantastic. They will appreciate this when the editing process is over! Engagement photography Miami Hialeah

Engagement photography for couples has become a staple in the lengthy, wonderful process of wedding planning. And, although engagement photo sessions may seem like just another trend, there is actually a long list of benefits that these photo shoots bring to you and your wedding planning process. Check out what the buzz of engagement photography is all about and decide if it’s right for you.

What is an engagement photography session?

An engagement photography session is when a professional photographer takes pictures of you and your fiancé in a casual setting, to capture your love and happiness genuinely. Your engagement is a wonderful time in both of your lives, and a photo shoot is a great way to commemorate that. While wedding photographs have a formal look and feel to them, engagement photographs have the appeal of freedom and creativity: You can choose your outfit and location and have fun while capturing precious, intimate one-on-one moments without all your guests and wedding party present. For a unique engagement shoot, you can choose a place that has significance to your relationships, such as the place of the proposal, a favorite spot you two share, or the location of your first date.

Why is it a good idea for brides AND photographers?

Engagement photo sessions are a good idea because they provide an opportunity to get to know your photographer and get insight into their individual photography style. At the shoot, you can build a relationship and learn how to communicate best with your photographer so that you are both ready and comfortable working together once the big day arrives. Although some couples may not realize this, building trust and confidence with your photographer and having them understand your photo preferences is an integral aspect of a successful wedding. The preliminary session of an engagement shoot will give you that added level of comfort to help your big day run smoothly and worry-free.

Not only will you become comfortable with your photographer, but you will also learn how to be comfortable and relaxed in front of a camera. If you haven’t been professionally photographed before, it takes some getting used to. The engagement photo shoot is the perfect opportunity to get some practice being a photography subject and find what works for you. You will also get to see the pictures of yourselves long before the wedding rolls around, so you can let your photographer know ahead of time which shots and angles you don’t prefer and which ones you like. This helps save a lot of time on the wedding day and brings you closer to getting the images you know you will love.

From the bride’s perspective, engagement photo shoots are a useful opportunity to practice makeup.

Even if makeup looks great from the naked eye, it may turn out differently once photographed.

Schedule a makeup appointment for a practice run of the look you want for your wedding day to make sure you choose makeup that photographs flawlessly.

If an engagement session isn’t included in your wedding photo package, hire an à la carte photographer instead.

For a basic portrait sitting at a photography studio and a couple prints, you can expect to pay a few hundred dollars.

Hiring a professional for an afternoon’s worth of photo ops will cost several times that much—the final cost will depend on where you live and the popularity of the photographer.

Your engagement photos should be a fun, less formal precursor to your wedding day photos.

You may use these photos for your save-the-dates, your wedding day programs or even your invitations, so you’ll want to look your best.

Any important photo op comes with a lot of pressure—choosing what to shouldn’t be one of them.

Engagement photo outfit tips:

  • Choose your outfits ahead of time, so you aren’t scrambling to find pieces that go together on the day of.
  • Make sure your ensembles work for the season and location of your photos (read: no stilettos on the beach or bare arms in the snow).
  • Express your personal style—the more confident you feel, the better your photos will turn out.
  • At the very least

  1. Your engagement photos are a perfect opportunity to capture some sweet moments between you and your fiancé (while looking really good). Check out some of our favorite engagement photo outfits below. Weddings are in the air during this sunny season, but it’s also an ideal time to shoot your engagement photos, especially if you want a beachy backdrop or cloudless, rustic setting. If you’re opting for the great outdoors, flat shoes, breathable fabrics and shorter hemlines are a must. Whether you like to sport vibrant prints or breezy nautical looks, summer engagement photos are the perfect chance to show off your casual-chic style If you’re opting for a nautical vibe with beach engagement photos, don’t be afraid to get some sand between your toes. Going barefoot sets a laid-back mood that works in a seaside setting. And this no-fuss approach will save you the trouble of searching for beach-appropriate footwear. To keep your engagement photos looking polished, pair bare feet with structured outfits.

From the photographer’s perspective, they will be able to learn your photography preferences during the shoot as well as demonstrate how they work behind the camera, both of which are not conveyed during a consultation. It is also a way for them to showcase their work without being in the time crunch and high-stress environment of the wedding day. The engagement photo session is a chance for them to enhance their business, build a stronger relationship with their client, and to keep in contact for further work like boudoir photography shoots, anniversary sessions, and much more.

How popular is engagement photography?

Engagement photo sessions are growing in popularity among newly engaged couples and fit in most wedding budgets. According to The Wedding Report, Inc., about 55% of couples have an engagement session, with 92% paying $250 or below. Conveniently, a lot of photographers offer an engagement session along with their standard wedding photography package. According to a Wedding Wire forum, engagement photography sessions can cost an average of $250 and may be included in the price of the entire wedding package, depending on your location.

What to do with the photos

Once you receive your beautiful engagement photographs, you can order single prints for framed portraits or collages that make great new home furnishings or gifts. Another wonderful idea is to create a professional engagement album with your photos. Engagement albums make beautiful family heirlooms and excellent thank-you gifts for the parents of the bride or groom. They are a wonderful way to preserve your precious memories in a timeless, elegant photo collection.

You can also use your engagement photographs on your website or for your save-the-date cards and engagement announcements, but make sure you check with the photographer’s image rights and get permission from your photographer to self-publish the pictures first. Some couples choose to make a slideshow to show at their wedding to document the history of their relationship. For such a presentation, engagement photos are a great addition. Miami Hialeah Now that you know what engagement photography is all about, you can find the perfect photographer for you and tell your love story with unique, professional images that capture a wonderfully exciting time in your life.

Why take engagement photos?

The best reason is it’s a great opportunity to work with your wedding photographer for the first time and get comfortable in front of their lens and with their style. Miami Hialeah (Most photographers also include an engagement session in their wedding photography packages.) You can also submit a shot to your local paper with your engagement announcement, use them creatively in your save-the-dates and wedding day décor, or give framed prints as gifts to your families. Read on for the basics to help you make the most of your premarital photo session

The best time to snap your engagement photos depends on how and when you plan to use them.

Here’s a rundown of photo scheduling options—choose whatever works for you:

  • Day one/two:Take a picture of yourselves to commemorate the moment you get engaged—you’ll already be wearing a naturally happy smile!
  • The first month:Schedule a photo shoot early in your engagement if you plan to submit a formal engagement announcement with a photo to your local paper. (Check your paper’s guidelines for specific pose or print quality requirements, which are often listed on the newspaper’s website.)
  • When you set the wedding date:Have a photo taken for your wedding website or save-the-date—many couples incorporate photos of themselves into the design. If this appeals to you and you’re planning to send guests an early heads-up, have photos taken 8 to 10 months before the wedding, in time to print and send save-the-dates no later than six months before the wedding.
  • Six to eight months before:You can also take engagement pictures once you’ve booked your wedding photographer or when you’re narrowing down your final choices (which should occur about eight months before the wedding).
  • Three months before:If you plan to submit a shot with your newspaper wedding announcement, check their guidelines for specifics and schedule a picture-taking session at least three months before the wedding. Larger newspapers ask to receive wedding submissions up to six weeks before the event, and you’ll want to factor in four to six weeks before that deadline to see your proofs and make prints.


  • Two months before:

Trying out wedding day looks? Schedule hair and makeup trial appointments the same day as your engagement photo session to capture a preview of your wedding day fabulousness on film (you could do the salon in the morning and the photo studio in the afternoon). Factor in some in-between time for damage control, on the off-chance that the salon results aren’t as great as you hoped.

  • Up to one month before:Planning to feature your smiling faces on the wedding program or favors? Schedule pictures in plenty of time to see proofs, select your favorites and get everything you need to be printed .

Many photographers include an engagement photo session as part of the overall package, which presents a good opportunity to see your photographer in action.

It also gives them the chance to experiment with flattering angles, poses and lighting levels before the wedding day. Miami Hialeah If you haven’t booked your wedding photographer yet, look at engagement photos as a chance to audition your top choice, and book them for your wedding immediately if you love them.

Before you call a single photographer, have a discussion with your partner about what kinds of engagement photos you’d like—posed or candid, formal or casual. Again, let your decisions be guided by how you plan to use the pics: Will they be hanging on grandma’s wall, reproduced in black-and-white newsprint or shrunk down to the size of a quarter for personalized favor stickers? Advance planning will help you make the most of your pictures.

Miami Hialeah Some photo-friendly options to consider for your engagement shoot:

  • Bring it outside:There’s no need to spend a day cooped up in a photographer’s studio if you don’t want to. Visit a nearby arboretum or botanical garden, or hit your favorite downtown landmark. Your photographer may be able to suggest local sites that make great backdrops for pictures too. Talk about locations you like when you make your appointment.
  • Make yourself at home:Your home is your comfort zone, and when you’re comfortable, you look better on camera. Choose an area like your living room or front stoop.
  • Around your world in a day:Create a meaningful backdrop for your engagement photos by revisiting nearby sites that are significant to the two of you: the restaurant where you had your first date, the ice cream shop you frequent on Sundays, the bus stop where you shared an umbrella—you get the idea. While the camera’s snapping, retell your best couple stories and relive a few of the moments that brought you together—it’s a perfect recipe for a series of romantic, fun candids.
  • Get close:You probably don’t need to be persuaded to get close to your partner, but do plan to get a few affectionate close-up pictures: hug, hold hands, sling your arm around their shoulders. You’re in love, show it off! Besides, if you’re planning to submit a photo to a newspaper with your announcement, many publications specifically request close-up couple shots. The New York Times, for instance, asks that couples position themselves with their heads close together and (no joke), their eyebrows on exactly the same level.

An engagement photo definitely doesn’t require you to shop for coordinating outfits.

But clashing patterns and colors may be a bit much. Here are some of our basic guidelines for dressing the part:

  • The wardrobe:Whether you’re going formal or casual, solid colors are a must. Try to avoid plaids, florals, patterns and head-to-toe black or white clothing—and keep the silhouettes streamlined. Some couples coordinate their clothing palettes to the point of looking a bit matchy, but there’s no need to go overboard. If you’re worried about color, pick a neutral and a few coordinating color tones you both like and stick to those hues.
  • The accessories:Keep your jewelry ultrasimple to avoid flashy distractions in your pics. For me, that means leave your watch and any rings at home. Women should stick to unfussy earrings with a simple necklace or bracelet (or one statement piece), and your engagement ring.

If an engagement session isn’t included in your wedding photo package, hire an à la carte photographer instead. For a basic portrait sitting at a photography studio and a couple prints, you can expect to pay a few hundred dollars. Hiring a professional for an afternoon’s worth of photo ops will cost several times that much—the final cost will depend on where you live and the popularity of the photographer.