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Of all things photography I love photographing family portraits. For me, family portraiture is generally more flexible than any other type of photography, and it gives me lots of opportunities to express my creativity. If you are thinking about getting into family portraiture or perhaps someone asked you to photograph their family, you might not know where to start and how to plan it all out. In this article, I will talk about photographing family portraits and provide some tips on simple things you can do to come back with photos that the family will treasure for years to come. Photographer hollywood Miami Hialeah

Every time you book a new family portrait session, do your best to get to know your client first. Your goal should be to create something unique and memorable, which might not only result in a long-term relationship but will also result in lots of future referrals. And speaking of referrals, pretty much every family I photographed was a result of a referral – I have never advertised my photography services anywhere. By “unique”, I do not mean your photography style or technique Photographer hollywood Miami Hialeah If the family enjoys fishing, go to a nearby lake with some fishing rods and snap away while they have a blast. If they enjoy reading, have them pick their favorite books for some fun snaps. These kinds of things won’t take much of your time, but they will create great moments. After all, people are most comfortable when they engage in something they love doing. Photographer hollywood Miami Hialeah

1. CYCLE THROUGH ALL POSSIBLE COMBINATIONS Photographer hollywood Miami Hialeah

Always start with the biggest grouping first.  So, I ask the entire family to sit together for the first few shots.  It’s a great way to break the ice and to get everyone accustomed to being directed for the shoot.  From there, you can easily add and remove family members from your frame, cycling through a variety of different combinations.  Here are some of our favorites: Photographer hollywood Miami Hialeah

Everybody In Photographer hollywood Miami Hialeah

Photographer hollywood Miami Hialeah

Dad and Kids

Photographer hollywood Miami Hialeah

Mom and Kids


Just the Kids Photographer hollywood Miami Hialeah


If the kids are old enough to sit alone, then you can sneak in a picture of just mom and dad as well. Photographer hollywood Miami Hialeah

FACEBOOK IMAGE Photographer hollywood Miami Hialeah

Try to remember to take an image that could be used as a Facebook banner, meaning it’s either right justified, or it’s a nice, evenly spread composition that can be cropped to fit the banner space.  Taking a photo that can be used as a profile image is also something worth remembering. Photographer hollywood Miami Hialeah

EXTENDED FAMILY Photographer hollywood Miami Hialeah

If the family you are working with brought a good number of extended family members, like aunts, uncles, grandparents, and cousins, then there are a good number of combinations that would work great as well.  Like this picture below of all the girls in the family:


Once you’ve taken all of the images of possible combinations of the family members, if you have time, try to sneak in another full family shot.  The first shots of the day are usually the warm-up shots.  A second attempt at the full family shot might get you a more natural and relaxed looking image. Photographer hollywood Miami Hialeah


Enlisting the help of family members during a shoot keeps everyone engaged and invested in what’s going on.  Typically, when taking photos of children, parents are on the side trying to get their attention for the shot.  To get the kids to look in your direction, suggest having the parents stand close to you and in line with your camera.


To make it fun for the kids, you can also enlist their help when taking pictures of their parents.  Having them act as a cheering squad, or getting them to make funny faces at mom and dad, sometimes get some really genuine results.


Giving children a break is sometimes necessary.  Try to direct them into an area where you could still possibly sneak them into the frame when shooting the parents.

Photographer hollywood Miami Hialeah


Giving the family games to play and things to do creates dynamic and natural images.  It also injects fun into the session.  Here are some of my favorite activities:

The jump shot is always a fun shot.  Regardless of age, everyone can get into it.


Photographer hollywood Miami Hialeah

Position mom and dad close to each other set your focus on them and have the kids run around them in circles.


Photographer hollywood Miami Hialeah

Or just give the kids a variety of games to play.  Tap into your inner child, you can get some really fun images when everyone participates.

Give them games to play

4. DOCUMENT GROWTH AND PROGRESS Photographer hollywood Miami Hialeah

It’s always fun to show how much the kids have grown especially for clients that come to you annually for their family portraits.  To do this, simply have everyone stand next to each other in a line.  The parents act as a point of comparison or height chart. Photographer hollywood Miami Hialeah

5. BE A JOURNALIST Photographer hollywood Miami Hialeah

Getting the family to forget that you’re there can sometimes be challenging.  Try to get them to focus on each other, diverting the attention away from you if you can, and shoot the reactions.  You can also give them a break and shoot what happens (from a distance) as they relax and interact with each other. Photographer hollywood Miami Hialeah

Be a journalist Photographer hollywood Miami Hialeah


Educating clients on how to prepare for a family shoot is key.  This includes planning out naps, snacks and any toys they need to keep the little ones happy.  Most importantly, letting them know what happens when meltdowns occur, as they sometimes do.  I love going into a full journalistic mode when the kid’s melt down.  Not to be mean, but sometimes they end up being everyone’s favorite images.  I make sure to let the parents know this ahead of time.  Parents are always worried about eliciting cooperation from their children and I’m always quick to remind them that we operate at the pace of their children. Meltdowns are ok and they are natural.  This relieves tension from the parents and keeps the session going smoothly even when things go awry. Photographer hollywood Miami Hialeah


The key to a successful family shoot is to give good direction, keep everyone engaged, maintain the flow of energy, manage everyone’s expectation, be open and prepared to shoot what happens and above all, have fun.

Photographer hollywood Miami Hialeah




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