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The precursor to the actual event, engagement photography is what helps show the couple’s spark with each other and creates widespread awareness of their upcoming wedding. Quce photography beach Miami Hialeah As the photographer, it is important for you to do your research so that the couple’s engagement pictures will be creative, interesting, entertaining, love-struck, and most of all, satisfying for the couple themselves. Quce photography beach Miami Hialeah


No, I don’t mean to actually screen the couple before you decide to work with them. (Although in some cases, this might actually be a smart idea.) Get to know who these people are in advance. Meet with them for coffee, for lunch, or just chat a while on the phone. The best way for you to get the engagement photos that this couple wants is to figure out what it is that they actually want. Get a feel for their personality and their chemistry together. Quce photography beach Miami Hialeah


This engagement picture tip basically speaks for itself. Keep the couple connected with each other. Sure, they are going to be somewhat nervous (especially if they are not super comfortable with you just yet), but do your best to keep them into one another. This leads me to my next pointer. Quce photography beach Miami Hialeah


Because an engagement photo session is completely different from a normal headshot, model, or family photo shoot, you have to remember that the overall theme for these pictures is love. Make the couple comfortable and aware that they should kiss, hug, hold hands, be playful, be silly, and be touchy-feely mushy gushy all they want! It makes the pictures more personal and personable!


This seems to be a recurring theme in my articles. Definitely make a point to use burst mode while doing engagement photography. The couple will be nervous, so after they do their initial and stiff pose for the camera (thinking they look natural!), they will loosen up, smile, laugh, look at each other. Those are the moments you want to catch more than anything. Quce photography beach Miami Hialeah

  1. LOCATION IS CRUCIAL Quce photography beach Miami Hialeah

If you have been doing photography, especially engagement photography, for a while, you may know of some great places around your town to take engagement pictures. Prepare yourself with a list of locations and interesting places beforehand that you can suggest to the couple. Quce photography beach Miami Hialeah They most likely will be open and willing to consider anything you have to say! Also, couples frequently travel to other towns for their engagement pictures, so make sure  Quce photography beach Miami Hialeah you have tracked down some hot spots that will be aesthetically pleasing.

  1. DO YOUR RESEARCH! Quce photography beach Miami Hialeah

The only way for you to actually be as knowledgeable and prepared as you want to be (and want the couple to think you are) is to do your research. As with the previous engagement photo tip, research locations for engagement pictures. Look up creative engagement picture poses that you could suggest to the couple during the shoot. Learn what clothing options will be wise to suggest for them to wear. Quce photography beach Miami Hialeah


They might be committed to just one person, but make sure this couple has options! Tell them to bring a few changes of clothes so that you can get some different engagement shots in different locations. You want to give them variety and creativity. Also, let them know what colors not to wear. Examples: white, khakis, light colors, etc. Depending on the background, certain colors and prints may not mesh. Quce photography beach Miami Hialeah

  1. SUGGEST AN EVENT SHOOT Quce photography beach Miami Hialeah

Most couples won’t think of this amazing idea for engagement pictures, so you should suggest it to them! Offer the idea to go along and shoot a date night for the couple. Have them go to the place where they met, their favorite restaurant, or out doing their favorite hobby. Another fabulous engagement photo shoot idea is taking pictures at their engagement party! We just did an engagement shoot like this and the pictures are priceless. Friends, family, and most importantly, the couple, were all included! Quce photography beach Miami Hialeah

  1. SHOOT IN RAW (VS. JPEG) Quce photography beach Miami Hialeah

This helpful hint is especially important when shooting indoors! Shooting in RAW gives you the liberty of having a wider range of exposure adjustments during the editing process. Some may prefer one format over another, but on our engagement photo shoots, we want to make sure we have the most options possible so we can come out with the best engagement pictures possible. Quce photography beach Miami Hialeah

  1. DON’T FOCUS ON THE FACE Quce photography beach Miami Hialeah

This hint sounds ludicrous for engagement pictures, right?! Well, of course you should take pictures of the couple’s faces! But on the flip side, try focusing on things other than just those. Have the bride-to-be lift her foot as if they were kissing, and snap a picture of their shoes from the knee down. Make absolute positive you get that engagement ring in some pictures! Catch her whispering something in his ear. Shoot them from the neck down. All of this is interesting and innovative for the eye. Quce photography beach Miami Hialeah

  1. BE VOCAL (THEY WON’T!) Quce photography beach Miami Hialeah

Finally, one of the most important engagement pictures tips I can give you is to be vocal. Quce photography beach Miami Hialeah Have fun with the couple and suggest poses for them to try. Have a general conversation to loosen them up. Tell a few jokes (if you happen to be funny) and create a warm friendly atmosphere. Direct them and they will take direction. Many couples want you to hold their hand along the engagement picture path and lead the way. Take advantage of this power! You have the liberty to come up with something new, creative, and fantastic. They will appreciate this when the editing process is over! Quce photography beach Miami Hialeah

If your family and friends know that you own a DSLR or advanced compact system camera, the chances are pretty high that at some point you will be asked to photograph a wedding.

It’s important to be realistic about your capabilities and experience before you commit to shooting a wedding – especially if you are to be paid to do so.

Be honest with the couple about your experience and don’t allow anyone to bully you into taking on the job to save money if you are not confident.

It’s also important to have the right kit.

Ideally you’ll need two decent cameras and a selection of lenses along with a couple of flashguns.

What’s more, it’s absolutely crucial that you know your equipment inside out and are confident in using it. A wedding is not the time to be trying a setting for the first time.

If you decide that being the main photographer at the wedding is too big a step, you could always offer to take on the second photographer duties, shooting from alternative angles, getting background shots and duplicating some of the pro’s shots, it’s all good experience.

If you decide to get serious about shooting weddings the Society of Wedding and Portrait Photographers (www.swpp.co.uk) and the Guild of Photographers have lots of information to offer and it’s worth considering joining.

These organizations’ websites have forums that are a great way of getting to know other photographers, including professionals who are maybe looking for a second photographer for a wedding.

The bride’s white dress is one of the most important aspects of many weddings and it can be a real headache to photograph correctly.

Every wedding photographer’s worst nightmare is overexposing it so that it’s turned into a uniform mass of bright white with no detail, but the opposite (underexposure) makes it look grubby and grey.

Fortunately, a little underexposure can be corrected post-capture, but it needs to be just a little underexposure to avoid losing detail in the groom’s dark suit and bringing out noise in the shadows.

Ideally you want to use an exposure that produces an image that has detail throughout the tonal range.

This is one area where digital cameras offer a huge advantage over film cameras, because you can check the exposure immediately after taking a shot and adjust accordingly.

You can also use the camera’s auto exposure bracketing facility to take a sequence of images with different exposures in quick succession without incurring any extra cost.

Activate your camera’s histogram view and aim to produce images that have a peak towards the right end of the scale, but without a huge peak at the very end.

It can also be helpful to turn on your camera’s highlight warning so that burned out areas flash at you once the shot is taken and you can shoot again

Quce photography beach Miami Hialeah

The exclusive right of photographers to copy and use their products are protected by copyright. Countless industries purchase photographs for use in publications and on products. The photographs seen on magazine covers, in television advertising, on greeting cards or calendars, on websites, or on products and packages, have generally been purchased for this use, either directly from the photographer or through an agency that represents the photographer.

Quce photography beach Miami Hialeah  A photographer uses a contract to sell the “license” or use of his or her photograph with exact controls regarding how often the photograph will be used, in what territory it will be used (for example U.S. or U.K. or other), and exactly for which products.

Quce photography beach Miami Hialeah  This is usually referred to as usage fee and is used to distinguish from production fees (payment for the actual creation of a photograph or photographs). Quce photography beach Miami Hialeah  An additional contract and royalty would apply for each additional use of the photograph. Quce photography beach Miami Hialeah

Quce photography beach Miami Hialeah

The contract may be for only one year, or other duration. The photographer usually charges a royalty as well as a one-time fee, depending on the terms of the contract. The contract may be for the non-exclusive use of the photograph (meaning the photographer can sell the same photograph for more than one use during the same year) or for the exclusive use of the photograph (only that company may use the photograph during the term). The contract can also stipulate that the photographer is entitled to audit the company for determination of royalty payments.

Quce photography beach Miami Hialeah  Royalties vary depending on the industry buying the photograph and the use, for example, royalties for a photograph used on a poster or in television advertising may be higher than for use on a limited run of brochures.

A royalty is also often based on the size of which the photo will be used in a magazine or book

And cover photos usually command higher fees than photos used elsewhere in a book or magazine.

Quce photography beach Miami Hialeah  Photos taken by a photographer

While working on assignment are often work for hire belonging to the company

Or publication unless stipulated otherwise by contract. Quce photography beach Miami Hialeah

Professional portrait and wedding photographers often stipulate by contract that they retain the copyright of their photos

So that only they can sell further prints of the photographs to the consumer,

Rather than the customer reproducing the photos by other means.

Quce photography beach Miami Hialeah  If the customer wishes to be able to reproduce the photos themselves

They may discuss an alternative contract with the photographer in advance before the pictures are taken

In which a larger upfront fee may be paid in exchange for reprint rights passing to the customer.

Quce photography beach Miami Hialeah

Quce photography beach Miami Hialeah  There are major companies

Who have maintained catalogs of stock photography and images for decades, such as Getty Images and others.

Since the turn of the 21st century many online stock photography catalogues have appeared

That invite photographer to sell their photos online easily and quickly, but often for very little money, without a royalty

And without control over the use of the photo, the market it will used in

The products it will used on, time duration, Quce photography beach Miami Hialeah  etc.

Quce photography beach Miami Hialeah  Commercial photographers may also promote their work to advertising and editorial art buyers via printed and online marketing vehicles. Quce photography beach Miami Hialeah

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